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We look forward to serving you! Contact us for inspiring keynote speaking, powerful staff development, riveting youth presentations, PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING FOR YOU, and solution based consulting! we confront the underlying reasons for violence in unique and innovative ways!-Anthony j. butler   



~Domestic Violence is the #1 cause of injury for women. (National Domestic Violence Hotline)

~About one million people commit suicide each year. (World Health Organization)

~About 500,000 people are victims of gun violence each year in America. (FBI and CDC)

~75% of all school shootings are connected to bullying and harassment Against The Shooter ​​(

~The average person will see 200,000 acts of violence on TV by age 18. (American Psychiatric Association)

~The average person will see 16,000 simulated murders on TV by age 18. (American Psychiatric Association)

~There are about 100,000 alcohol related deaths each year in America. (CDC and NCAAD)

~There are about 45,000 suicides and 18,000 homicides each year in America. (CDC)

~Gun violence is the leading cause of death for blacks between ages 1-19. (State of Black America)

~70% of murders, 40% of robberies, and 20% of aggravated assaults in the U.S. involves a gun. (FBI)​​

~According to the National Adult Literacy Survey, 70% of all incarcerated adults cannot read at a 4th grade level.

~According to a special report, Early Warning, from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “…the process of dropping out begins long before high school. It stems from loss of interest in middle school, often triggered by retention in grade…and that, in a great many cases, is the result of not being able to read proficiently as early as fourth grade.”

~Reading on grade-level by the end of third grade is one of the most critical milestones in education. Studies show that 74% of 3rd graders who read poorly still struggle in ninth grade, and third grade reading scores can predict a student’s likelihood to graduate high school.

-Fatherless boys and girls are: twice as likely to drop out of high school; twice as likely to end up in jail; four times more likely to need help for emotional or behavioral problems. (US D.H.H.S.)



"Mr. Butler has helped me as a building leader improve our culture and climate. Through our partnership, we have cultivated a Dynamic Staff.  He prepares his presentations with excellence and his messages to staff and students are always right on time."-Elementary Principal 

"I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Anthony. His words are nothing short of powerful and motivational for both youth and adults. Every time I hear him speak, I walk away feeling hopeful, motivated and grateful..."-Director of Prevention Services

"Anthony Butler's awe inspiring teachings provoke the passion inside of you and propels you into your purpose!"-Family School Liaison

"Anthony is truly a transformational leader in our education ecosystem and we are so thankful for the privilege of learning from his powerful voice.  Anthony is deeply knowledgeable about our students, schools, and the education system as a whole as a result of the time he spends connecting with students and educators, and the far reach of his services across school systems.  He brings this knowledge and insight to every professional development experience, resulting in a learning experience that is more relevant, responsive, and grounded in reality than educators typically experience.  It is a joy to partner with Anthony in planning – he is open to customization, listens deeply to our needs for the targeted learning, and extremely communicative about his progress and plans so that we enter into execution without any surprises.  We consistently receive top satisfaction from educators when Anthony leads professional development for them, both due to the content and his motivating and empowering message while facilitating.  Anthony is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and inspiring leader, a powerhouse to add to any professional learning experience."-Director, Teacher Leadership Development 

"I have been a teacher and now counselor. I have seen first hand how much Mr. Butler's message resonates with students. He is able to make connections with students and his message is clear and powerful. He listens and guides students into learning a new way of thinking and behaving that will provide them the opportunity to be successful in their lives. It has been my honor to work with Mr. Butler."-School Counselor Serving Grades K-12 

"Mr. Butler has a genuine heart for all people! I have watched him use creativity and passion to engage students, getting them to think outside the box, providing them with practical tools for self-awareness, self-respect, and for success...It’s amazing to watch students AND their classroom teacher thoroughly engaged when Mr. Butler is presenting!- Educator 

"Anthony is one of the most engaging, genuine, authentic, passionate and empowering speakers that we have used for professional development.  Anthony weaves his personal story in a way that grabs the attention of other educators because he has been in their shoes.  His connection to his own childhood and the profound impact educators have had on his life is also relevant for anyone working in education, community development or in any kind of helping profession. You will NOT be disappointed in using Anthony to inspire your team!"-Deidre Anderson, Chief Executive Officer UICS (United Inner City Services)

"I encourage you to join Mr. Butler for an in-person and/or virtual session...these presentations are thought provoking, soul searching, and inspiring! Mr. Butler is an Educator, Poet, and Author...he's the best! I promise that you will be engaged!!"-Student & Family Relations Coordinator

"Our students enjoy Anthony's (school assembly) visits as he provides them with positivity, hope and a sense of cultural awareness to what they are experiencing.  He helps us find ways to shape a positive future for our youth while engaging them in discussions about non-violent resolution!  Our kids love hearing Anthony speak."-Secondary School Principal

"The ability Anthony has to grab an audience's attention is like Magic! Anthony possesses talents that bring out talent in others they never recognized before and that's what I called Anointed!!"-Community Engagement Manager 

"Anthony goes above and beyond on every presentation he gives. He is an excellent writer, presenter and facilitator. He is a pleasure to work with and makes the process so easy and enjoyable. The sessions he leads always leaves participants feeling inspired and thinking about how they can be better educators."-Director, External Affairs

"I could listen to Anthony all day. His experience, intelligence, creativity, and ability to captivate an audience are unmatched."

"...absolutely amazing!"

"Your motivational presentation was EXACTLY what I needed! God sent you..."

"I would like to thank you again for speaking...what you had to say truly touched my heart and your sincerity and joy was a breath of fresh air." 

"I absolutely loved your closing presentation...You were inspiring and uplifting with your words."



"Very Nice"

"Wonderful Speaker"

"Great job on (your book) Root Reasons For Violence. So current and relevant."


"Our dreams will drive our decisions!"

"Put that ego on a keto plan!"

"When we open our mouths and speak, we let others know who we really are."

"People will know our names and often bypass that. They begin to call us by our character and actions...Honest, Liar, Hateful, Loving, Bold, Afraid...What do they call you outside of your name?" 

"Don't tell me you want to go to another level and when I begin to challenge you to level up, you get in your feelings and stop the process. Do you want to confront and overcome obstacles that are blocking you or not!?"

​"We help you and others STOP violence BEFORE it Starts! Think about it. When violence is prevented, it rarely makes the headlines, but it is well worth it!"

"Conflicts will come. What I choose to do will make things better or worse. Who I am to the core typically comes out in the middle of my conflicts." 

"You are the only YOU you have...take care of you!"

"Show me who you are connected with and I can predict your future with great accuracy."

"We don't stumble into being excellent, just happen to be successful, slip into being a caring, fall into being a great person, friend, spouse, parent...These things are done on purpose, intentionally, and deliberately!"

"The greatest battle in life is Me vs Me! I have to fight myself daily and do what God is directing me to do!"

"I'm grateful."

"What do you say to yourself during the best of times and the worst of times? Think about what you are thinking about and speak life into your life! Compliment yourself in a healthy way all day...everyday!"

"Hurting people are everywhere. When hurting individuals mismanage their hurt, we will eventually have violence."

"We didn't pick our biological parents, decide what neighborhoods we would live in when we were birthed, select the schools we would first attend as children...However, no matter what circumstances and environments we were born in, we can leverage those situations and become a more powerful person!"

"If the shoe fits...Put it on and own it!"

"My circumstances will not take my peace, steal my joy, cause me to consistently behave out of character...Right in the midst of my greatest battles, watch what God will do in my life because I made up my mind to pray, obey, and enjoy EACH day!"

"Don't let your public, professional, private, and personal haters distract you from your destiny. WHEN, not if your haters strike, stay focused and you will get stronger."

"Sometimes we just gotta take the L! There are so many lessons in the losses and if we leverage our losses well, we will win more."